A Christmas Special – You won’t Baa-lieve your eyes

If you were to tell me that a Seasonal 2 minutes 45 second video of Sheep Herding made by some Welsh farmers would create a brilliant moment for my son and I to share this christmas – I would’ve called you a little crazy.

But when people are passionate about what they do, (yes that word “passion”) it’s amazing how they can attract the interest of millions of strangers, and in the case of the Welsh Sheep Herders – over 19 million people.

If you can entertain someone or solve their problem then they’re going to be interested in what you have to share.  Seth Godin says if you do it remarkably you’ll be noticed.  Don’t you think this video rather proves the point?

Enjoy, and why not think about how you can be remarkable.  Oooh and please share this out so your friends can enjoy a few minutes of seasonal joy too!

Merry Christmas Everyone x


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