8 quick steps to get people seriously interested in your posts

Picture the scene – you’ve recognised the importance of having a blog and are posting regularly.  You’re taking the time out of your busy week to make sure that you write something topical and useful each and every week, but you’re disappointed with the number of people who are reading your posts.  Determined to make your blog a success you decide to do something to improve the situation.  It’s time to get readers seriously interested in your posts.
What do you do?
1.  Headlines– right attention grabbing headlines to get people clicking through to read more.  Here are 6 ideas for headlines you can use:

  • Thought provoking question
  • How To
  • Direct Statement
  • Big Benefit
  • Who Else?
  • News
2.  Simple language – it’s too easy to use industry jargon when you work in any field.  Financial jargon is one of the most confusing – everything is an acronym and if you’re not educated in the financial world it means nothing.  Removal of industry jargon from your language and write so your 8 yr old can understand what you’re saying.
3. Story Telling – everyone loves a story and wrapping up information in a good story is the easiest way for us all to learn.  It’s too easy when talking about finance to focus on facts and figures.  Look at ways that you can share your thoughts in more of a story.
4. Benefits – when you’re with a client you focus on the benefits of how your advice can help them, not the features of how you do it.  It’s no different with your blog posts.  Think of the result of the results.
5.  Relevant– a simple one to remember, make sure that what you share is relevant to your audience.
6.   WII FM – Dial in to radio What’s In It For Me when sharing your posts.  What’s in it for your reader?  Time is precious, if you’re asking your reader to take time out of their day to read your posts, what benefit do they get, what will they learn that will benefit them, or entertain them?
7.  Keywords – if you’re writing about how to solve a problem that someone might have, think about the keywords they would type into a search engine to find the answer.  Use this in your posts.
8. Specific  – Keep your posts specific and to the point, your readers will thank you for it and be more likely to read future posts confident that they’ll easily glean the information they want from your posts that are relevant to them.
Once you’ve got posts that your readers are loving they will naturally share them with their own network – so make sure that you add one click easy to share buttons on your blog.

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